Simplify the creation of your website with Swetlo

Optimize your online presence with Swetlo, where the power of AI simplifies website creation for a professional result in just a few clicks.

No credit card required.

Create with the power of AI

Discover a new era of website creation with Swetlo. Our solution leverages artificial intelligence to simplify and expedite the creation process.


Whether you aim to generate content, select images, or customize your site, our AI is here to guide you at every step.


Unleash your creativity and achieve professional results in no time, thanks to the power of AI integrated into Swetlo.

Assert your online identity with a custom domain name

Connect with your audience confidently using a custom domain name with your Swetlo site.


Assert your online identity and strengthen your brand with a unique and memorable URL.


With Swetlo, connecting your custom domain name is simple and quick, enabling you to kickstart your online presence professionally and authentically.

Your website in3 easy steps

Choose a model

Choose from a variety of site templates designed to meet all your needs.

Customize it with AI

Easily customize your site using our artificial intelligence for quick and precise adjustments.

Publish in a click

Publish your site with a single click, and launch your online presence instantly.


Discover the reviews from our valuable customers

Sophie F.

Swetlo has completely changed the game for me. In just a few hours, I was able to create a professional website that truly impressed my clients. It's incredibly easy to use, and the integration of AI really made the difference!

Marc D.

I never thought I could create a website myself, but Swetlo made it possible. Customizing with AI is incredibly intuitive, and the final result is simply awesome.

Amal S.

Swetlo allowed me to get my portfolio online in record time. The interface is user-friendly, and content generation by AI saved me valuable time. Highly recommended.

Ghita A.

I am impressed by the quality of Swetlo's customer service. Every time I had a question or an issue, their team was there to help me quickly and efficiently.

Fabienne E.

As a complete beginner in website creation, the application really made it easy for me. The templates are stunning, and customization with AI helped me achieve a professional result without stress.

Aylan S.

I'm impressed by how quickly I was able to create a professional website. The combination of stylish templates and AI for customization really exceeded my expectations.

Thomas G.

This site builder has been a real asset to our business. Thanks to its ease of use and advanced features, we were able to create an attractive website that has significantly enhanced our online presence.

FrequentlyAsked Questions

Can I use Swetlo even if I have no experience in website creation?

Absolutely! Swetlo has been designed to be user-friendly, even for beginners. Our pre-designed templates and integrated AI simplify the website creation process, allowing you to build a professional site in just a few clicks, with no prior experience required.

How does customization with AI work on Swetlo ?

Our artificial intelligence analyzes your preferences and needs to offer you tailored customization options. Whether it's for images or text, Swetlo's AI guides you through the customization process to achieve a result that perfectly matches your expectations.

What types of websites can I create with Swetlo?

You can create a wide range of websites with Swetlo, from personal portfolios to business sites, blogs, and online stores. Our versatile templates and advanced features enable you to build practically any type of website you can imagine.

Does Swetlo offer web hosting services for my website?

Yes, Swetlo provides reliable and secure web hosting services for your website. Once you've created your site with Swetlo, you can publish it with a single click, and we take care of the rest, ensuring your site is always accessible online.

What should I do if I need help or have questions while using Swetlo?

Our dedicated support team is here to assist you 7 days a week! Whether you have technical questions, need help with customization, or encounter any issues, feel free to contact us. We're here to provide you with quick and effective assistance at every step of your journey with Swetlo.


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